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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

We at Kamazooie would like to take this time to wish all of our members and viewers a very Merry Christmas and  Happy 2015 Holiday Season.

Regardless of your belief or religion, this is generally a time of the year when families congregate at one location or another to be close together. We all have other friends and other important parts of our lives that consume us throughout the year which makes it all the more important that we have a time of the year that we can…


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Kick off to the 2015 Pan Am Games in Toronto


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Happy Father's Day and Happy Summer

This is a very special Fathers Day as it occurs on the Summer solstice and it is also my father's birthday so there are many things to celebrate.

Here's to you all you great fathers out there and to all of those celebrating their fathers or remembering ones who have passed already.

Hope you have a great…


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Goodnight Dave :-(...

It is with bittersweet feelings that we watched David Letterman sign off in his last show last night. In a tribute to his long career of helping us end our day with laughter and grace, I thought I would post this Top Ten list of the Best Things That David Letterman Gave Us:

[...Drum roll...]

10.  Something to watch besides infomercials after 11:30 at…


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Happy Spring

Perhaps this Winter-Spring season more than most, we in North America at least, joyously welcome the arrival of Spring.

It is often said our minds are like gardens where anything can grow. This Spring, be sure to plant beautiful flowers there to share and not weeds.



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Journeys of Fish and Music

Greetings Kamazooie Memebrs!

In our short history, Kamazooie has developed a few very faithful followers and contributors.Of course, while all of our members are important to us, the ones that contribute give us the content to keep coming back to the site and the inspiration for us to share stories our own experiences within the Kamazooie community.

Lorne Riley, is one of these special members; in his…


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Junk-yard dog finds shelter and a friend

This is such a touching video and this rescue dog mission is such good cause.


My heart goes out to her and her little friend.

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How to Live the Good Life

Greetings Kamazooies and Happy Friday!!!

I would like to repost with a vengeance today. After a recent personal setback, I found myself looking for inspiration today and I came across a great Forbes post on 10 Golden Rules for Living the Good Life.…


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The New "Medium" for Story-Telling

Greetings Members!!!

Here is a beautiful post from a blogger named Micah Baldwin on Medium which is another blogging site like Kamazooie for users to tell there stories and share their experiences. Its a post about his grandmother who lived a great life and loved telling stories about it to anyone who would listen.



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Lest we forget...

Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on how you view it, I can't say that I have a parent or grandparent that served in a world war. I guess that it is a great thing that we can say that we have generations of families that have not been involved in a war.

However, this year, in Canada, after two soldiers have fallen on Canadian soil within the last few weeks, all of us are reminded about the brave souls who protect our great country both inside our borders and throughout the…


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Thank you Corporal Nathan Cirillo

It is with sad hearts and teary eyes that we watch the final trip and funeral of Cpl. Nathan Cirillo who was gunned down while standing guard over the National War Monument in our nation's capital last Wednesday, October 22.  

Thank you for your ultimate commitment to our country and our freedom Nathan.

Also, on behalf of our Canadian members at Kamazooie,…


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Being Me!

It seems that over the last few weeks, I've come across a few occurrences of girls/women being someone they are not. I have to say that this is something that has struck a chord with me and I have to question if I'm always who I really am or who others want me to be.

The first is that I just finished a great book that is soon coming out as a major motion…


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Mike Tyson Interview: Bad Journalism or Bad Attitude?

You may have heard about the interview Mike Tyson did with Nathan Downer on CP24, a news station in Canada. The interview was intended to preview Tyson's one man show at the ACC named "The Undisputed Truth" which covers his journey through boxing, acting and other key elements of his life.

In an earlier interview Tyson said that the upcoming show covers how he…


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Our very own TIFF

As the Toronto International Film Festival looms large the local and international media, I thought it would be a good theme to use for this week's community post while at the same time promoting some of our recent postings.

Some of you may already have noticed that we've gained a movie producer amongst our membership, Michael Dragea. Recently, Michael posted his own introduction to the community and also introduced his first movie "It was you Charlie" which premiered at…


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The Lord Helps Those Who Help Themselves

I'm not an overly religious person but that title seemed to be best for what I wanted to discuss in this week's community post.

A comedian (whom I've since forgotten) once said, "There are two types of people in the world, those who like to sort things into two groups, and those that don't." With that in mind, I would like to say, there are two types of people in the world, those who like to read 'self-help' books and those that don't. I guess this week's post is directed…


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A little Candiana to celebrate Canada's 147th Birthday

While its not an official long weekend in Canada leading up to the 147th Canada Day on Tuesday July 1, there are a lot of people I know taking Monday off for an extended long weekend.

Fittingly, I thought I would use Canadian heritage as the topic of this week's community post.

The Confederation Train:

I remember hearing from my dad about a Centennial Train that crossed the country in 1967 so I did a little research on that. It was called the…


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What are you doing after work?

Much of our time, energy and metal capacity is devoted to work but for many reasons, we also have to think about what do I do after work. For some, after work means chilling with friends at a patio bar, to others it means cycling from 6:00-9:00 a.m. on Saturday morning and to others it means what you plan do after you retire.

Work is an important part of our…


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How “Round” is Your Life?

This week, I was doing some reading in a book by Eric Sinoway called Howard’s Gift. Eric's book is a project that he undertook to give people the benefit of Howard Stevenson's experience and wisdom. Howard is Eric's mentor but he is also an author, entrepreneur and professor…


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Getting the most out of Yoga

Hello fellow Kamazooie members!

I have been practicing yoga for several years; I find it to be very rewarding physically but at the studio I attend, they don’t focus on the more spiritual or metaphysical aspects so I decided to do some research and use the topic for this week’s community post.

Firstly, I found that Yoga is a Sanskrit or Hindu word for union…


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Kamazooie is where ordinary people become extraordinary. Share your great life experiences here.

Experience is not what happens to you, its what you do with what happens to you.

    Aldous Huxley

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