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Secret Weekend Escapes in California

Most of the tourists visiting California are young and enthusiastic youths and they love to hang-out at a peaceful and lovely spots. Here are those secret destinations one can visit in California Tours.

1. Pacific Grove - Near Monterey

Pacific Grove is a coastal city located between Point Pinos and Monterey. It is known as America’s last hometown and is filled with…


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Travel the New York Main Attractions in 9 Hours

Going around the Statue of Liberty to the Empire State Building to Times Square, New York shuttle tours feature a plethora of iconic landmarks, enchanting tourist spots and some historic sites. Anybody visiting New York would obviously want to see them all and not miss any. But the question is how many of them can you truly see within 9 hours.

Here are some of the memorable places you must see and the…


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Mesmerizing Napa Valley - California

Napa Valley is one of the most popular tourists' spot in United States and is Located to the North of San Francisco. It is a perfect destination to attract millions of tourists every year. If you are really amongst the aspiring visitors to spend the best holiday tour, then you can get ready for Tours of California. Right from the fabulous touring spots, amazing viewpoints to the lavishing…


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Sightseeing of New York Daily Tours

New York Daily Tours are for everyone and it is something special for travel freaks.  While traveling this large city you can take a look at the tons of historical buildings and living, breath taking cultures. Here are some of the tourist things that you should concentrate on.

Times Squares :

One of…


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Amazing Sightseeing spots in California

California is one of the most popular tourist destinations when one is visiting The Unite States. The climatic condition is great and it has plenty of attractions for which the tourists flock to this beautiful state. There are numerous choices regarding the places one can visit. This west coast state boasts of thousands of travelers year round. Gorgeous beaches, national parks, waterfalls, the list of…


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Wonders of San Francisco for your rejuvenating vacation experience

Touring San Francisco is one among the best decisions you are ever bound to take for your vacation plans. San Francisco is the beautiful city of California that attracts tourists all around the year. Tourists simply fall in love with this city and retired tourists who have settled in San Francisco stand as a testimony for its beauty. The cultural heritage…


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Business Class Flights the Best Way to Travel Around

Traveling is everyone’s favorite past-time and some tend to take a trip to explore new places, while others do that to cater their business requirements. But then, some people get daunted because of the expenses that easily escalate when they plan up for any vacation or for any business deals.

As far as flight traveling is concerned, it has always been coupled only to the well-to-do who could afford the luxury, sophistication and extravagance to go places. But with…


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Experience the Big Apple City Through New York Sprinter Tours

Our world is a very hectic world where things are carried on at a very rapid pace. Most of us lead a very hectic life and at times even tend to work 24x7 with barely anytime for even eating or sleeping to cater our professional requirements. Stress has become our long lost friend and it is slowly sucking the marrow out of our lives. The reason why most people end up doing so is to secure the future of themselves and their loved ones. However, in the process you…


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Visit Japanese Tea Garden When You Come Down To San Francisco

Japanese Tea Garden

San Francisco is one among the best destinations you could ever choose for your vacation. Touring San Francisco is an opportunity that you should never miss as it is one among the…


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Tips for Time Saving Business Trips

Our modern day world is a very hectic world where things are carried out at a rapid pace. Time constraints are always around, as business executives work around the clock. They tend to even work 24x7 at times to cater their business requirements and they are also expected to travel every now and then on business trips for their business prospects. In this era, punctuality is a mark of professionalism and every businessman expects to be highly sincere and punctual in his/her…


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My Life as an Engineer (or No-Go Choo-Choo)

(This one is a little long but if you're considering becoming an Engineer, or you want to know where a degree in Engineering might take you, have a read. Maybe, you could share some engineering stories of your own)

I chose engineering as a second option but I guess I’ve always been an engineer so it’s just as well, and maybe even good karma, that I eventually became one. I’ve interviewed a lot of co-op students in engineering and other disciplines, and many have asked “What’s…


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Becoming a Guide in Northern Ontario

Becoming a Guide in Northern Ontario

I am Canadian by birth; my parents are of Scottish…


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Ontario Guides Course - Book Two - Air Trip for Better Fishing

Attached you will find one of a series of modules published as part of a Northern Ontario Guides Course in the early 1960s. There were other modules on "Upland Moose Hunting" and "Winter Travel in Northern Ontario".

This module features expert Chapleau bush pilot George Theriault and two of my best tourists and friends, Claude and Hally Ulshafer…


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I Wonder Where Wonder Originates.

93/03/24 4:15 am- The sun was yet to appear.

The procedure wasn't anywhere close to the leading edge. The people in the lab were not the stereotypical scientists we imagined in the 'fifties and 'sixties; the guys in white lab coats who carried carrying notebooks and were so 'official'.

These were kids, between 23 and 28 years of age. They were playing.

At the same time, they were…


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What makes a man (or a woman)?


I attended a funeral some time ago for a great man. He wasn’t financially well off, he wasn’t a renowned author or poet, he wasn’t a successful business professional and he was definitely not a celebrity. However, it was clear from the people at the service, from the expression of thanks from those who…


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Appreciation of a Mother

I wrote this many years ago for my Mom's 75th birthday; fortunately she is still doing well at 88. I thought I would post it here for you to read and consider what your own mom has passed on to you.…


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What makes a great person?

Okay, that's a trick question.  Of course we're all great people in our own way. Each of us are unique and every one of us has had experience that can be very beneficial to share with others. That is what Kamazooie is all about. Ordinary people like you and I, sharing extraordinary experiences with others either for the joy or sharing or to provide some form of guidance to others who might be considering similar ventures, travels or other life…


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hollow wood floor choose and buy

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city life rhythm is accelerated ceaselessly nowadays, consumer lives life concept to the home also no longer constrained bounds, what can like what wooden floor brings to the person more and more is comfortable and natural, but still can exist to floor chromatism this one circumstance is accepted hard, the whole that thinks its existence destroyed household is beautiful, because this is when floor of wood of choose and buy,we hope finds " perfect " wooden floor.




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