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Kamazooie Development gets China Patent!

We're pretty excited about this. Our sister company, Kamazooie Development Corporation has received its 3rd patent jurisdiction, in China, for its value-based Designed Emotional Intelligence(TM) platform.

In the future, we want to bring this technology to Kamazooie's Heritage site to support user interaction through chatbots as well as developing other heritage applications as covered by the patent. While this picture is in Mandarin, a full read of our patent can be seen at the…


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My Boyfriend passed...

Early this morning, a man that I am proud to call my ‘boyfriend’ passed away peacefully in the company of his family just short of his 96th birthday.

Louie Di Florio, or Nonni, as his most of his family called him, would often tell me that he and a friend were out flying model airplanes or buying balsa wood or other hobby materials, but he would refer to his friends as his ‘boyfriends’. I never had the heart to tell him that this is not the way that guys refer to their…


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Rest in Peace Lois Byce

I was saddened to year last night that Lois Marion Byce passed away this Tuesday. Lois was 91 years young and the beloved wife of our Chapleau Cree elder Gordon Byce who is now 95 and still doing well.

My brother,…


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Designed Emotional Intelligence™

A new dimension in AI

As mentioned in a previous post, we had an ‘ah-ha moment’ in and around 2008 when it occurred us that what makes information valuable, coincidentally enough, is ‘values’.…


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AI and ML - Practicing the 'Dark Arts'

With headlines like “This is how AI ROBOTS will take over the world” and “AI Will take Half our Jobs” we are definitely entering an interesting time in out technological evolution. Even brilliant scientists like Steven Hawking and business leaders like Elon Musk have put out dire warnings about…


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A Great Love...

A great love was reunited last night, and that is the love of my parents Hilda and Esher Ritchie. Our Mom passed away about 7:30 last night, peacefully in the company of her family, but oddly that is not the focus of this post. I would like to focus on the truly undying love that our parents had for each other. …


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Touched by an Aboriginal

A couple of weekends ago, I posted this picture on Facebook with the caption “Kaitlin gets her 14 foot canoe”. I thought that post warranted a bit of an explanation so this is that post.

This story starts in the late summer in 1986. Even though Loreen was 8 months pregnant, we decided to take a family…


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Attawapiskat Suicide Crisis

This is an excellent review of this chronic and drastic problem.

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My Hope for the New Year

The past year has been a most excellent one and I learned a lot through my personal experiences, and through the not so personal experiences that were happening around all of us in 2015. I thought I would take a moment to reflect on these to start of the new year. Here is what I hope to keep in mind throughout the next year:

  • Every opportunity to fight is an opportunity to make peace.
  • Take the time to look at the actions of the people around you and understand where they…

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A great day on a very hot July 30th in Chapleau, 1983

I came across this picture while looking through the old albums today for a picture to post for Lark on his 67th birthday.

What a great picture of my Mom and Dad; its from our wedding dinner at the Redwood in Chapleau. In the corner you can also see the handsome young 21 year old…


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The Closing of a Circle on Treaty 9

I must start off this post by saying that it is not with any political intention that I write it; the story and is posted for heritage, historic and family legacy reasons alone. I also want to state that I have two strong heritage backgrounds in my family, Italian from my beautiful mother, who will be 92 in a few weeks, and Cree from my father. I am immensely proud of both of these heritages but this post deals with the Cree side of our family.

Last Friday, November 27, 2015, I was…


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In Praise of Older Men

I thought this title might grab your attention. This past September, a group of friends and I celebrated 30 years of what we have come to call the Golf Weekend Classic or GWC. This post is about that group of guys, but its more about creating traditions to preserve the important things and people in your life. In the shot below, you see 6 (dare I say) middle-aged men, that came together once again to share work and family updates, a little golf and a lot of wine, food and laughs.…


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Happy Birhday to a girl who is 20 (something)...

Happy Birthday to Kaitlin who turns twenty-something today. Below she is pictured in the middle of he Zack and Jared on Christmas 1997 when it appears Tele-Tubbies were all the rage.…


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Thirty-two years, and we're just getting started!

A very special Throwback Thursday of me and my beautiful wife Loreen who I married 32 years ago today. Her and I are pictured here with her family dog Sandy during our honeymoon at our cottages on Prairie Bee Lake.

In some ways it has been a long ride raising our beautiful children and going…


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Knowing your passion...

I wonder a lot about my own passion and read often about the joy and success that can come of pursuing your true passion. But, how do we know what that is?

I like this one from yoga coach Jes Allen.…


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Love You Forever

I find that Mothers’ Day gains more and more importance to me as time goes on. This spring, I had the great pleasure of traveling and staying with Mom over a 4-day period as the weather was warming up after a long and cold winter.

As we drove together, we talked about how this time of year was…


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Sagrada Familia - A New World Wonder

I must admit, I don't have the worst job in the world. Yesterday, my job was to entertain some customers in the Barcelona area as we prepare to meet with them formally at Mobile World Congress; the largest mobile and telecom show globally. As part of the tour, I got tickets to see Basilica Sagrada Familia Cathedral, the exterior of which is shown in the photo below.…


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RIP Leonard Nimoy - we will miss you!

I was saddened to hear the news yesterday of the passing of Leonard Nimoy who I followed indirectly because I always loved the shows he was in from Star Trek to his work only a few years ago in Fringe.

I was spending some time on Linked In today and came across this truly great article written by…


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The Story That Never Got Told

My dad, Bill Ritchie, was a great story teller who never seemed to be at a loss for a relevant story to drop into the conversation whether it was around a campfire or the dinner table. In the shot below, taken by my brother Al on one of our family moose hunting trips, it seems to be a funny story, likely of some misfortune that happened to him as he was often the brunt of his own humorous tales.…


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Experience is not what happens to you, its what you do with what happens to you.

    Aldous Huxley

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