Top 8 Things You Can Only Find in Moscow As A Souvenir

The largest city of Russia, Moscow has an amalgamation of both contemporary architectures with history. Like NYC, its American counterpart Moscow too is known as the city that never sleeps, where you can find stunning landmarks, world-class ballet, high art and a European vibe to experience. As much as it is to decide where to stay in Moscow, wondering about what souvenirs to bring can also be a wholesome matter to decide. Let us look at some of the unique things that are only available in Moscow to bring back a piece of Russia with you for your friends and family.

Matryoshka doll

These Russian dolls are probably the most popular among tourists and travellers to buy as a souvenir. Matryoshka doll is a set of wooden dolls that are decreasing in sizes and hidden inside another. In a usual set, you can find the nested figures from three to ten, although in some rare cases it can reach up to even 50 or more. In a traditional Matryoshka doll set, you’ll find a painted Russian peasant woman with a scarf on her head.

Russian shawls

Known for its extraordinary visual appearance and adherence to traditions, Russian shawls are famous as a souvenir. You’ll experience the traditional Russian culture with the floral patterns on the shawls that have been the same for 100 years. For a warmer option, opt for the shawls made with goat down yarn that are knitted with intricate patterns and is an excellent choice for being both visually appealing and providing warmth in cold.

Gzhel ceramics

This distinctive blue design on a white background makes Gzhel a unique style of Russian ceramics that lets you experience the culture and tradition of this country as well. You can find this particular style in a wide variety of things including tea and coffee sets to clock and lamps.


These Russian boots, mostly known as Valenki were used to be popular in winter but today are usually worn by little kids and can be seen in the countryside and outskirts rather than urban areas. Valenki is often preferred because of providing utmost warmth and can be used in severe winters.

Russian chocolates

During your vacation to Moscow, don’t miss the chance to buy authentic Russian chocolates and sweets with other confectionaries. You might want to indulge in Baranki, which are a kind of ring-shaped rolls, Pastila, Soushki and filled chocolates or just buy them as a souvenir.

Palekh miniatures

Dated back to the 12th century, you can still find this traditional Russian wood painting in some villages in this country. With the miniature paintings with delicate details painted on wooden jewellery boxes, it can be a perfect gift to anyone.

Space food

Due to USSR’s investment into the space programme, space food is something pretty unique to brink back home as a souvenir. Made with only natural ingredients and produced by the Space Food Laboratory, this is something that you definitely don’t want to miss to experience.


Ushanka is the traditional Russian hat that has distinctive ear flaps to protect you from the cold breeze where its name derived from ‘Ushi’ which means ears. This signature hat is available all over Moscow and also known as ‘Shapka’ in some areas.

With a variety of choices of souvenir including matryoshka dolls, traditional Gzhel-style ceramics to hand-painted Palekh and Orenburg shawl there are plenty of things to bring back with you as a memorable gift from Russia with love.

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