The Do’s & Don’ts to Follow After Hair Transplant Procedure

Hair Transplant can be a good choice if you are dealing with hair loss or baldness. It is a safe and minimally intrusive treatment procedure to undergo. Even though the results from hair transplant surgery are not immediate, you can see promising results after 5-6 months.

Because the results from hair transplant are long-lasting and natural, this one is a favourable choice. But the efficiency of results not only depends on the procedure itself but also on the post-op care which you have to maintain if you’ve undergone this procedure.

The newly implanted grafts must be taken care of and that requires you to avoid certain things and adopt a few things on your road to recovery. But once you are past these, you are rewarded with a head full of thick hair. So, without further ado, let’s look at the Do’s and Don’ts to follow after a hair transplant procedure.

The Do’s to Follow

Do Remember the instructions given from the clinic

This goes without saying that you do have to follow the list of instructions which was given to you after the surgery. Even though there are some general guidelines to follow, it is also important to prioritise and follow the given guidelines. We recommend you make a list and keep it in a noticeable place so that you are reminded of them often.

Do Keep Your Scalp Clean & Dry

Now, this may sound a bit confusing as keeping your hair clean without the use of water can be difficult. But keeping your scalp nice and dry at the same time, keeping it clean is the guideline which you do have to follow.

You need to avoid using water right after the process. That means you need to keep your scalp dry at least for a day. After that you need to ensure that your scalp is clean without putting too much pressure on your newly implanted grafts.

Using a soft sponge and cleaning your scalp gently is the ideal way to keep your scalp clean.

Do Take Care of The Scar Properly

No! You won’t be having any scar once your recovery is full. But until then you do have to treat your scar properly. After the surgery, scarring and itching is common and you have to take care of them appropriately.

Avoid any vigorous action on it as it may worsen the condition. Instead apply ointment which your surgeon has prescribed and keep the area clean.

Do Take Your Medications Timely

Your surgeon will prescribe you some medications to take for a few days. These medications are generally for the pain, itching or swelling which you may suffer for a few days. Do take your meds on time to avoid any discomfort.

The Don’ts to Follow

Don’t get exposed to direct sunlight immediately post-surgery

Don’t make the mistake of stepping out into the sunlight right after the surgery. Exposure to direct sunlight will not be suitable for your surgery area to heal and can even cause damage to your implanted grafts. Avoid going in direct sunlight for at least a few days.

Don’t smoke or consume alcohol for a few days

Consumption of alcohol or smoking can cause blood rush which may cause a pressure on your head. This is definitely not suitable for recovery and may even lead to complications.

Therefore, if you are a smoker or consume alcohol frequently, you must avoid these for at least a few days or so.

Don’t perform strenuous activities or exercises

You need to take a few weeks off from your gym and avoid doing any sort of strenuous activities. These practices will definitely cause blood rush through veins at a rapid pace which will lead to pressure in your head.

Any sort of impact can be disruptive for your recovery and therefore, make sure not to engage in heavy activities or exercise for a few weeks. Give your surgery area time to heal.

End Thoughts

These are a few dos and don’ts that you need to follow after the hair transplant procedure. Make sure to consult the experts at the clinic for proper care and recovery after the surgery.

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