How To Make Your Fireplace Ready This Festive Season

Christmas is just around the corner, so are you ready with your best creative ideas upfront? Not yet? It is time to rethink and make plans to get your deal done. One place you can't miss out on when decorating for Christmas is surely the fireplace. Some people even plan their entire Christmas decorations around the fireplace.


Therefore, it is necessary to either get a new fireplace installation done or steady up the old one. What better way to polish your fireplace than getting it decorated in glitter and glamour before Christmas day? To help you out with some outstanding ideas, we have curated some of the top ideas that you can follow and make your fireplace stand out from the rest.


Fireplace Mantel Decor Ideas


When you decorate the fireplace, it is the mantel that you design. So, let's explore some cool decorations that you can use for the mantelpiece.


Layering With Baubles:


The best way to decorate the mantel above the fireplace is to go with baubles. Simply fasten some of the evergreen foliage to the mantle and then hang the decorations. To make the look a little bit more engaging, play with the heights of the baubles. You can even choose to mix and match the shiny and matte decorations. This would make your mantel stand out from the rest. When choosing the baubles, try to follow a theme to make them look better.


Go Au Natural


Do you love the rustic and natural theme? If yes, you should choose to go with the all-natural theme. There is nothing better than wild and free nature blooming all around. The arrangements required for this decoration are also quite simple to gather.


A few fresh foliage and soaked oasis would do the entire thing. To keep it looking close to nature, choose to go with shorter and longer stems. Finally, you can finish the mantelpiece with some dried flowers here and there. This will help to keep a look that showcases the beauty of nature.


Choosing The White And Bright Scheme

Indeed, the classic and festive color for Christmas is always green and red. But you need to outdo it at times to ensure a better look. If you are looking for a fresh look to make it look better, the best choice would be to go with white. A crisp white look can never go out of style. To ensure a modern display, you can play with faux garlands, mistletoe, and white poinsettias. Once decorating with the white royalties, you need to jazz up the place with just the right lighting. As you have selected the all-white theme, golden-colored lights would go best with this setting.


Pairing Candlesticks And Tea Lights


Do you don't have enough time to run to the store to get the latest Christmas decorations? If yes, you can make things look better using tea lights and candlesticks. Candles are available almost anywhere, and every house has them. This will be the best way to create a display over the mantel. You need to choose the little bit decorative candles and choose them to place right in the section where it looks best. Then, to add something extra, you can line up the candle stands with lace covers underneath.


Going With Pastels


The next thing that you can choose to stick to is to go with a muted pastel shade for the decoration. It will help the tree pop its color and make it look much brighter and more effective.


You have several ideas that you can use on your mantelpiece and decorate your fireplace. Choose the one that you like and ready up your tree!

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