Types and Benefits of Using Plastic Containers

Plastic is one of the most commonly used materials in the world. It is readily available at an affordable price. Various industries like food and manufacturing industries have grown immensely and are continuing to grow thus, the need for containers to preserve items well is more than ever. There are many plastic containers suppliers in Cape Town, who offer high-quality products.

Types of Plastic Containers

Based on the various uses of plastic, there are four types of plastic containers:

  • Food containers: People often have the unfortunate experience of opening their fridge and smelling an unpleasant odour from off food. The upside of using a plastic food container is that it keeps the bad smell sealed inside. Moreover, plastic containers seal the food well and keep them fresh for a long time.
  • Bottles: Plastic bottles are made from a polymer resin like polyester. We use it for storing water and other liquids. The main reason for preferring plastic bottles is that they are lightweight, so they can be carried anywhere easily. Moreover, because of the durability of plastic, the bottles do not break easily even when they are dropped.
  • Canisters: Plastic canisters are used to store bulk goods. These canisters are much better than cardboard boxes because they do not get damaged from heat or water. Moreover, the airtight structure keeps the food fresh.

Benefits of using plastic containers

  • Absorption capability: Plastic has the capability of absorbing the smell of perishable items. So, the strong smell of the flavours like tomato and curry soup is not going to spread throughout the whole fridge.
  • Additional storage: Plastic containers are used in households to store food and other items in bulk. As you can preserve more, you can purchase more at the same time. It provides customers with the convenience of accessing offers of price deductions and discounts that are only available when you buy in bulk.
  • Brand advertising: When plastic containers are used by the companies of Cape Town to deliver goods to their consumers, they also prefer to advertise their own brands by printing the brand name and logo onto the containers. It is easier to print on plastic containers than other materials, so the printing cost is reduced, and the companies are given an easy solution to promote their businesses.
  • Recyclability: Plastic is not considered an eco-friendly option by many people; glass is more preferred than plastic in this aspect. However, plastic is much better option than glass. While only 20% of glass can be recycled, for plastic more than 40% can be recycled. Moreover, plastic can be made in a different form to be used in a completely different way.

Due to its many advantages, plastic containers are widely used by the people in Cape Town for preserving food and other goods.


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