Many individuals are aware of the fact that getting acclimated to hearing aids takes some time, especially if you've never used them before. In addition to learning how they function, you're also struggling with all the new noises and sensations that your brain has forgotten about in previous years.

As you learn to use your hearing aids, your hearing care expert will be an invaluable resource, and you should not hesitate to contact them between sessions if you have any queries. You can consult a professional hearing test from a professional hearing clinic in Ontario.

The Major Shift Can be Your Own Voice

It's crucial to keep in mind that hearing aids won't exactly recreate how you used to hear before you lost your hearing. As for some individuals, the major change would be the sound of their own voice. You'll notice that your voice might sound strange at first and that it's also louder than you'd want. It's possible that chewing and swallowing may be particularly noticeable. These initial uncomfortable feelings will fade as you continue to use your hearing aids.

Some Tips for Getting Habituated with Hearing Aids

1. Practice Wearing Them at Home first- Begin by using your hearing aids at home or at someplace quiet. Concentrate on one-on-one discussions. Let your family and friends know you're using hearing aids so they can support you in your quest for improved hearing as you use them in more demanding situations. Reading aloud might also help you get more comfortable with your own voice.

2. Practice on Your Own- Try to find the sources of all the noises in your area for extra practice with your hearing aids, or listen to audio novels when you're alone at home.

3. Never Miss Your Follow up Visits- You should see your hearing care expert as often as necessary to fine-tune the sounds that you're able to hear, adjust the fit in your ear, and discuss the circumstances that are the most difficult for you. Most individuals return to their audiologist two weeks after their first fitting to fine-tune their devices or for adjusting the device’s volume.

4. Slowly Increase the Time of Wearing the Device- Wear your hearing aids for a few hours the first day, and then for a few extra hours each day after that. Slowly increase the number of hours you wear them each day.

5. Enrol in Hearing Aid Care Classes- If your hearing care provider introduces new hearing aid wearer orientation sessions, be sure to sign up for that. These lessons are quite beneficial and can lead to improved hearing aid satisfaction.

6. Don’t Neglect Any Kind of Pain- Based on your hearing requirements, you may even order custom-fitted earmolds, which means they should fit comfortably in your ears. According to audiologists, hearing aids might produce little soreness at the beginning of use, but if they cause any kind of pain, you should immediately visit your audiologist.


Follow these above steps and slowly day by day you will get comfortable with your hearing aids. If still some issue persists, don’t hesitate to visit your audiologists at the earliest.

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