Kitchen Cabinet Trends 2017: Cabinet Door Styles

There is a reason the kitchen is is called the heart of your home. Ever notice during a house party or family gathering, everyone always ends up in the kitchen? A kitchen with an opendining space or kitchen island is a place where family comes together to spend quality time and share interesting stories over delicious meals. It is also a center of attraction when you are hosting a party or haveinvited guests for dinner. A sleek, clean and beautiful kitchen adds to the beauty of your home. Cabinets are the lifeline of a kitchen. Nowadays, cabinets are not only used for storage but also help to stylize your kitchen.

If you want to beautify your kitchen, one of the biggest impacts is choosing the right kitchen cabinet door style. Although it might not seem to be significant to some, the right cabinet doors can actually make a difference and enhance the entire look of the kitchen. Here are some cabinet door styles that will help you to get the hottest kitchen in 2017. (Information Credit: K&N Sales)


Louvered cabinet door styles look magnificent especially if the cabinets have warm earthy colors. Horizontal wooden slats are a commonly used on windows and furniture. These doors have unique architectural styles which add a distinct look to kitchen cabinets. These door styles are preferred more if ventilation is required as each wooden slats have space between each other.  This also makes them a great choice for beach houses and island getaway homes.


In 2017, theme kitchens are the hottest trend, especially airy beach themes and cottage style kitchens. If you want to add an airy and spacious feel to your kitchen, nothing can be more suitable than beadboard cabinet doors. White beadboard doors look sophisticated and chic at the same time. And if they are combined with white themed kitchens, a bright, fresh and clean feel is achieved. This suits the theme of your kitchen. Beadboard doors that are white in color also blend well with ocean theme color of kitchen. It you have decorative walls, simplicity of beadboard doors complete the look and help in bringing the balance.

Distressed Cabinet Doors

Antique style kitchens can never go out of fashion. If you desire to get an antique-style kitchen, you must consider distressed style kitchen cabinet doors. The distressed looking kitchen cabinets add an old world charm to the kitchen. Many custom kitchen cabinetry stores will allow you to choose any style of cabinet door and then give it a distressed look using distressing techniques. Antique-style kitchens look elegant and classy.


Flat panel cabinet doors are examples of beauty that lies in minimalistic form. Geometric cuts and various types of finishes of flat panel doors make it a perfect fit for modern and contemporary kitchens.  Glossy finishes and polished stainless steel mirrored look great on flat panel doors.


Insets are door styles that look classic, irrespective of your kitchen theme, style and size. It is called inset because it is set inside of the cabinet’s frame. The cabinet should be constructed and designed with precision so that the inset door can open and close properly.

Cabinet door styles are one of the important factors that you must consider while designing your kitchen. The above mentioned door styles are the simplest ways to increase the visual aesthetics of your kitchen design in 2017.

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