Important Facts to Know About Pool Heating

Although heating a swimming pool consumes a significant amount of energy, many people consider it a good investment. There are different types of pool service which includes solar, heat pumps/electric, and gas. You can contact any of the renowned pool heater installer companies in Peterborough to help set up your pool heater.

Below are the benefits and drawbacks of each pool heater to help you decide which would be ideal for your pool.

1. Gas Heating

Natural gas or propane is used to power a gas pool heater. The gas is burnt, heating copper coils through which the water travels and is then heated before being returned to the pool.


  • On Demand Heat- Gas heaters heat swimming pools quickly and effectively, regardless of the pool's size or present temperature.
  • Low Initial Investment- In comparison to heat pumps, gas heating requires a smaller initial investment, and it is sometimes even less expensive than solar heating.
  • Year-Round Swimming- Even in the winter, gas heaters are effective, allowing you to utilise your pool all year.
  • External weather factors won’t be an issue- Unlike solar heating or heat pumps, gas heaters are not affected by the weather or other external variables.


  • Not Environment Friendly- Gas heaters are not only more expensive to run, but they also have a larger environmental impact.
  • Minimal Lifespan- In comparison to solar, a gas heater has a significantly shorter lifespan. Although regular maintenance and repairs can extend the life of a gas heater, its normal lifespan is five years.
  • Not DIY Friendly- Repairing a gas heater by a professional is typically advised, although this might result in an increase in the gas heater's total maintenance expenses.

Solar Heating

Solar pool heating works by heating flowing water with the sun's free energy and returning it to the pool at a higher temperature.


  • Low Maintenance- After it has been installed, there's practically nothing left to do but relax and enjoy the warm water.
  • Eco-Friendly- We should be worried about our influence on the environment now, and solar powered heating is the finest option in this regard.
  • Long Lasting- Solar heating systems do not have moving parts, internal wiring etc. This implies they will not rust and there will be fewer components to break. After a long period, the only damage you will notice is from the sun, and it's usually easy to fix.
  • Cost Effective- Solar heating takes power from the sun. Hence, the heating will not cost you anything after the setup is complete.


  • The heating system does not have the finest appearance- Solar panels are not unobtrusive, and some may argue that they detract from the look of a property.
  • Takes up Much More Space- A certain quantity of surface area is necessary for solar heating to operate properly. This might not be possible for every home.


When choosing a pool heater, the ideal place to begin is to determine how frequently and when you will use your pool, your budget, and what best matches your pool and house. Choosing the proper pool heater should be simple if you have a clear understanding of these factors.

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