Ideas for a Tiny but Gorgeous Kitchen

When you have to make do with a small kitchen because of the general space crunch in your house, there are a number of ways in which to maximize on the space that is available and so as to optimize its utility. The number one strategy is to increase the functionality of your countertop and cabinetry. As you must be aware, the foremost method of optimizing space is to get your kitchen storage, namely, your cabinetry, designed first. The rest of the layout of your kitchen can be worked out around your storage solutions. (Information courtesy: Cabinets & Designs)

Design is such a phenomenon, that in order to make the most of the resources available to you, you must get your priorities right. It is not only about aesthetics. In order to do just this, you need to have a good sense of what works, and importantly, an experienced designer. You must realize that no matter what the size, a top designer can make your kitchen look top class.

In order to make the most of a small space, you could make use of height. This only means that you should think about tall cabinets, even ones which are ceiling height. You can bring in a rolling ladder for easy access to your best bone china plates right on the top shelves. These top shelves could feature glass doors, so that your fine bone china can be on display.

Another interesting design device is to put your counter on casters so that it can be shifted about as per your convenience. If you like, it can also double up as the bar counter.  This will ensure that your kitchen space is utilized in the best possible way. You could also have some small cabinets built above the window. When done correctly, this could really glamorize the look and feel of your kitchen in its entirety. However, if it’s not a particularly sunny window, this could go terribly wrong – giving your kitchen that crowded feel which could botch up an otherwise sound design. So whatever you do, make sure you consult your designer before you carry out an idea, rather than simply applying the latest idea that strikes you.

The strategic use of the color white would create the illusion of immense space. You can use white paint on your walls, or cabinets, or window frames, or gadgets and appliances – perhaps on all of these, even. Also, you can install a hanging pot rack, to save you precious shelf space. Folding doors or pocket doors can be put in place to demarcate the dining space from the cooking or prep space, especially when you have guests, if you need to. Extra shelves can always go in where there is a bit of extra wall space.

It is imperative to caution you here regarding not trying any of this out on your own but to prudently rope in your designer’s advice. These are tips for you to maximize on space. However, these must be used in the correct context, and in relation to other design factors.

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