How To Choose A Lab Storage Cabinet? Types And Factors To Consider

A storage cabinet is an essential part of any facility, whether you are setting up a new lab or revamping an existing one. Quality lab storage cabinets can be used to not only help you get organized.... While the cabinets are perfect for boosting efficiency and workflow in your lab, let’s look at the various types of cabinets and caseworks available in the market.

This way, you can choose the right one for your facility and according to your preferences.

Standard commercial casework

In this basic design, both the upper and lower cabinets have slab doors in the Eruo style. The doors of the bottom units also feature shelves on top, and a tiny work table completes the design. They can carry out simple storage tasks, but you might not use them for any kind of heavy-duty use.

PCB storage units

PCB units are made to be both electrically insulated and inflammable. They are therefore perfect for storing delicate or volatile chemicals as well as other types of reactive machinery. These units can be composed of particle boards, lightweight MDF, plywood, or MDF. To prevent static, they can also be coated with ESD, laminated with plastic, or given a melamine finish, offering you an all-around option for your lab storagepes of reactive machinery.

These units can be composed of particle boards, lightweight MDF, plywood, or MDF. To prevent static, they can also be coated with ESD, laminated with plastic, or given a melamine finish, offering you an all-around option for your lab storage. These units can also be attached to wheels to make them portable and easily movable from one place to another.

Cleaning rooms and laboratory casework

These cabinets are perfect for any lab setting since they have every characteristic that lab researchers look for. Characteristics that facilitate their research, such as the option to pack away essential equipment when not in use. The fundamental designs also include flat work surfaces, a base-level storage area, and a number of additional storage cabinets mounted to a wall and situated overhead.

To maximize their level of damage resistance, both components of this system are composed of stainless steel. However, make sure to choose the ones that are flame- and chemical-resistant. Thus, they can easily withstand even the toughest circumstances that are likely to be present in a lab.

While these are the most common types of cabinets made for labs, you need to look for the qualities that make them ideal for your lab.

  • Tough materials: When purchasing a lab cabinet for your work, make sure that it is made of durable materials, preferably stainless steel. This is because a standard lab setting typically involves harsh chemicals and exposure to heat. The cabinet you are choosing must withstand the environment of the lab.
  • Fire and chemical resistance: As mentioned before, it is quite common for a lab to handle hazardous chemicals and high heat on a daily basis. For this reason, flame- and chemical-resistant cabinets are what you would want to go for to ensure safety and prevent damage.


A lab cannot be completed without a storage cabinet. Make sure you choose the right one for your facility to achieve optimal efficiency in the workplace.

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