What Makes Wood-Mode Cabinetry Popular

Wood-Mode Fine Custom Cabinetry adds to the look of luxury craftsmanship in your kitchen. The ever-growing popularity of the Wood-Mode cabinets can be attributed to the following factors:

Design diversity: The portfolio of Wood-Mode cabinetry contains a wide range of styles which are inspired by classical motifs all over the globe as well as American heritage. There are a wide range of door styles, elegant furniture quality finishes, and innovative custom design elements within the Wood-Mode portfolio of cabinetry. Thus you have the creative flexibility to design a personalized kitchen for yourself.

American craftsmanship: Highly skilled and dedicated craftsmen are involved in the manufacturing of the Wood-Mode cabinetry. Finest quality of lumber and the most exquisite finishing touches is selected for this range of cabinetry. Majority of the cabinet making process is done by hand.

Environmental stewardship: The Wood-Mode cabinetry is made with a firm commitment to maintaining environmental standards. The selection of the materials and the crafting process is done in a way that projects the brand’s concern for environmental protection.

The following are some of the features that lend wood mode cabinetry its cabinetry:

Door styles: Portfolio of wood mode cabinetry offers as many as 200 options of door styles. These door styles range from traditional to modern. This selection of popular door styles can inspire your imagination and help the cabinets to complement the architectural aesthetic of your kitchen.

Wood species and laminates: Fine craftsmanship of wood mode custom cabinetry is ensured by the fine quality of materials. Wood-Mode cabinetry is available in a wide range of solid woods, durable laminates, and natural veneers. All these contribute towards lending Wood-Mode cabinetry a look of that ranges from sophisticated, simple and rustic to cutting-edge stylish and modern.

Finishes: Craftsmen select the most time-tested finishing techniques to apply on the Wood Mode cabinets. This creates a remarkable variety of looks that perfectly suits the interior of any modern kitchen. The multi-step process of making wood mode cabinetry involves the usage of grain-enhancing stains and solid colors. A catalyzed over-baked topcoat acts as a protective finish on the cabinetry. All these finishes enhance the beauty and durability of the wood used in Wood-Mode cabinetry.

Architectural elements: The combination of skilled Wood-Mode designers and expert craftsmen result in the creation of unique rooms and shelves equipped with a variety of options from paneling and trim to custom furniture pieces.

Storage and convenience: Wood-Mode cabinetry is equipped with a variety of built-in features that enable storage and convenience. All these features lend a combination of elegance and functionality to these cabinets.

 The following are some of the finest quality woods used in making Wood-Mode cabinetry:

  • Cherry
  • Knotty cherry
  • Maple
  • Heartwood maple
  • Oak
  • Pine

There is an extensive array of wood finish colors used like traditional mahogany, java stains, and warm blonde woods to classic whites.

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Comment by Brian Ritchie on July 15, 2018 at 11:58am

Wow, beautiful kitchen Jack!


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